1989 Johnson 40 VRO

by Collin Cheek
(Booneville, MS)

i have a 1989 Johnson 40 horse power VRO. the VRO pump has been removed by the previous owner. I am the second owner and this motor has very low hours.

The motor will not idle and will not accelerate. it is bogging down and will only go past a certain RPMs (very low). when it does run, the motor just bogs and shakes as if it is starving for fuel.

i have owned it for about a month now, and when i first bough it, the motor ran like a top. i did have to adjust the idle setting a little, but other than that it ran great.

it suddenly went out in the river and we could only putter home with this motor shaking at low RPMs.

i have thoroughly cleaned the carbs, new fuel filter, new ignitiion coil, new plugs, new fuel bulb and line.

i am not sure what else to do and am at a loss.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!

thank you,

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