1989 evinrude 60 hp outboard motor

by Emmy
(Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada)

This engine came on a 15' Cadormat - open bow rider boat. It has not been running for the last 3/4 years. I have otherwise had the boat put in the water every summer season since 1989.

My mechanic says:"that motor is going to need some serious work it's been sitting up in the air for quite a while so the complete fuel system will have to be replaced, the fuel has gone bad by now.

ME: I'm sure the fuel in the tanks has gone bad but why would the "complete fuel system" need to be replaced?

GOOD QUESTION - POSSIBLY NOT- Old fuel can gum things up but first you change the fuel and see what happens, also change the fuel filter

Mechanic: it'll need a new battery. Probably so.

ME: I'm sure it will, no question.

Mechanic: it will have to have a water pump installed it's been sitting out of the water too long.

ME: Why would that matter? As long as it didn't freeze and isn't that part of winterizing a motor?
Run the motor and see how it goes first, some nitrile impellers can perish though

Mechanic: also the steering is very stiff on it from all these years of sitting

ME: its the old cable steering style. Could it not just be oiled or something? Or just have a new cable installed.

New cable is the most obvious thing to change here

Last question. What would I expect to pay to have all this work done? That is the million dollar question, a lot of he has his way.

I look forward to understanding these issues further so I hope you are able to answer them. I will thank you in advance... thanks tons!

You change the things that are obviously deteriorated and then work from there, of course if it aint broke you dont need to fix it

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