1989 25hp mercury only firing on one cylinder

by Ben kinsey
(Waterboro, s.c.)

I took my bootsto my regular mechanic with firing issues. He did a bunch of voltagetests and the determined that the trigger was bad so we replaced it and still had the same problems only getting fire on one cylinder. So he did some more testing and said that my switch box was only putting out on one side. He check the ohm on my stator and said it was fine it was putting of the proper voltage.so I bought a switch box and just installed it and still doing the same thing. I'm not sure what else to test and neither is he but he says he's been doing outboard mechanic for 25 years.I've tried unplugging the kill switch and everything under the Sun is there anything you can tell me?you can contact me by phone at 843 599 6193. Or by email at ben.kinsey89@gmail.com


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