1988 larson laser dc200 5.0L 200 HP ser.#13899670 OCC440312,)CC379149 stalling

by Lisa Hartke
(clarence center NY)

redid upholstery when opening boat, never ran boat before reupholstering. took off throttle face plate and brass z coat hanger thingy fell out. put it back in and seems to run fine throttle wise. did have weight of sidewalls on cables for throttle/ whatever runs through there. ran 1st time for over and hour no problems(calm waters). took out next day and ran for 20mins(rough waters)when it stalled on water when hit a wave(no water got in). no sputtering just quit. started back up and ran for 1/2 hour, stalled again.wouldn't start back up got towed in. sat for 1/2 hour and mechanic said it started right up but stalled out again. Had new distributor cap installed and new spark plugs.Mechanic ran it at dock for 15 mins no problems never stalled. mechanic said gas in water/oil separator was bad or dirty(was not ethanol free(my mistake) and when we got gas, they were working on pumps and pumps were running very slow making me think it was the bottom of the tank gas. Gas was very pale and had small setiment in it. Replaced the water/oil separator and added star tron fuel treatment 6-10OZ. Took it and ran but stalled again and again. Did re start though but would stall at all different speeds.It just cut out no sputtering just completely stalled I could feel hesitation in the throttle area almost like it was choking and not getting gas. Once I was able to keep going by throttling up(giving more gas) but it did eventually stall. Had new spark plug wires and new ignition coil because there was arching going on from under rubber on coil cap(heard electric spark and saw electric arching). Ran for 10 mins and stopped running(just cut out. would not restart but wanted to once. Gave up for night. when I pushed the key in once it turned the motor which was really weird. is there a gas filter on this thing? my hunch is gas is clogged somewhere/how but any ideas? fuel pump? fuel filter? not sure what else to try. I don't see a gas filterit's a mercruiser 5.0 with a chevy block engine that was rebuilt a couple years ago. alpha 1 outdrive 200 HP. THX for any help/suggestions


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Jul 20, 2016
by: Lisa

Replaced the ignition switch and it ran for 8 mins and then cut out. Left it for mechanic and they said the ignition sensor was bad and the plugs were fouled. They changed the ignition sensor and the plugs and put a new water/oil separator on or drained it or somerhing and it now runs past 30 mins. Nrought it home and siphoned out gas and put new ethanol free gas in. Ran it for over 20 mins. They said it needs a carbeurator rebuild. So that's where we are at. Gonna test it on water in a couple days. $800. Later and 100$ for siphoning supplies :(

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