1988 125 force outboard

by Doug
(Springfield ma)

First let me say thanks for any help...I have a 1988 force 125 hp. I have no top end at all. The boat runs good about 7-9 miles per hr. Full throttle goes nowhere. Replace trigger, Stator, Carbs replaces, Three CDI boxes off eBay, 4 coils, daisy’s train grounds . Got owner's Manuel the number Three cylinder fires rough some spark sometimes sometimes not. I been reading a lot, all over the Internet. This motor people have a lot off problems being like mine. Same cylinder. Doing the same thing. I really need help with this. It doesn’t stall. idle Fine change fuel filter, even put inline one.. ok ready for the surprise.... sometimes the boat will take off like a rabbit..... and I mean go. But I changed and work on this all the time trying to fix this problem. I’d check all connections, no broken wires . Fuel in carbs watching go in on water. check timing .

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