1988 115 2 Stroke - Wont go over 2800 RPM without tac bouncing/cutting power.

by Brian Deller
(Seattle, WA)

1988 2 stroke 115. Motor idles and runs well but if I try to take it over 2800RPMS-WOT, the tac kind of bounces and motor wont go over 4100 on a 17' Tahiti with what I believe is a 21 degree prop. Its a "new" motor that replaced the same motor and its been completely run through. Mechanic is located 2 hours away that I bought it from and he thinks its either the high side of stator or the rectifier. Trying to get as much input as possible before trying to address.

Its so consistent that it absolutely feels electrical but I just dont know. On my old motor I could more or less freely pump the bulb and it would just push the fuel through the carbs. It would obviously get harder as fuel was delivered. This motor basically gets to a point that it is rock hard and wont let me pump after a few pumps.

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