1987 Suzuki DT140

by Mike

Hi. sorry if this may be long but I want to give as much detail as possible. I have a 1987 DT140 Suzuki carbureted. I just had the powerhead rebuilt. In a barrel at the house, engine will start up and high idle, then back down after 15 sec. like its supposed to. I take it to the river to run it, and I have a hell of a time starting it. I have to crank neutral throttle to get it to fire, then back it down quick, at which time it stalls. I can finally get it going after 4 or 5 neutral throttle starts then get going by hammering into forward when it starts. once it gets going, it runs beautiful...goes right on plane and you could put a wine glass on top of the motor. I ran it up and down the river (varying throttle from slow to half) no issues at all for about 20 min. Come down off plane to idle and it shuts off....once again start on high neutral and get it in gear quick, and its fine. I did manage to anchor and got it to idle on my neutral speed at about 800rpm (doing it by ear because the tach is constantly reading about 1200rpm too high for some reason) Of course the trolling switch wont work because I have to keep it running with manual throttle input. Get it home, and proceed to ohm every coil, pulse coil, counting coil, and make sure the throttle valve sensor is at zero by the book. everything is in spec. even pulled the coil mount plate to make sure no wires grounding out or pinched. Once again, starts right up in the barrel and runs fine. Take it back to the river, same problem again.....any ideas?...feeling defeated. Thanks in advance....FYI, removed oil injection, running on 50-1 all new fuel lines, primer bulb, and water separator. when I disonnect the 2 output lines from the fuel pump, fuel will pump out when cranking.

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