1986 Johnson 40 will not get up to full rpms.

by Daniel
(Englewood, Florida)

Not long ago, I hit a large wake and all of a sudden my Johnson 40 hp came down from high rpms and will only go back up now and then. Each cylinder has 145 compression and the spark is very good. Stator is good and there do not appear to be any problems with the electrical. It seems like the high speed jets are not kicking in. My mechanic replaced the main gasket behind the carbs and it the engine wound up and seemed to get full speed. The next day, however, I could not get the engine up to full power. I would appreciate any suggestions. I have not yet rebuilt the carbs, but the mechanic says that if I push the choke in while out on the water and the engine begins to die, the carbs are not the problem. I am stuck here. I don't know what to try next and I am running our of money trying to figure this out.

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