1986 johnson 28 SPL inconsistant start

by Kris

I just bought a pontoon with this motor that just came back from the marina "ready to go". She started and ran fine for a day or so. Now she doesn't start that easy. I usually squeeze the ball between the tank and the motor until it gets hard then she has been starting good. But yesterday she started good, ran well for an hour cruising the lake. When I went to dock her I idled down a bit far and the engine died. She wouldn't fire back up. I tried squeezing the ball again but to no avail. I stopped choking her on startup as it seemed I was flooding the engine. I paddled back to the dock, let her sit for a few hours and she started right up. I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong.

Any suggestions? Could it be a loose battery wire? I started her off with all fresh gas. I also replaced the squeeze ball thing and the valve that goes from the gas line into the motor.



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