1986 115hp merc on a 17 ft rienell

by steve

This motor falls flat whenever i try to open the throttle. If I push the button on the shift lever, the cold start button, to give it more gas, it will sometimes take off. It runs great WOT, all the carbs have been rebuilt, all new parts, plugs, wires, been checked and synced by a good mechanic. I'm 58, disabled, and have this cheaper fiberglass boat, "although its a beautiful boat, just like new", just to fish for kokanee at a lake close to my house. I was told by this reputable mechanic that the motor is in really good shape, and it is probably just something simple. When I shut it off it leaks gas out the bottom carb which is not good, and if it sits for say a half hour to an hour while we fish and use the trolling motor, it will load up on gas and is even worse to try and get anything above an high idle to go back to the dock. We adjusted the idle screws in the water with a load on when we first got it back from the shop and it ran great the first 2 outings. After that it got continually worse. Does anyone have any good ideas before I spend anymore money at the shop that may or may not fix it? The carbs are easy to work on, oh, and the mechanic said he set the float levels on all 3 and checked them all out as well as the timing. Thanks for ANY ideas you could give.

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