1985 Yanmar inboard engine overheating

by Jessie Howell
(Mathews, VA)

Long story short- just bought the boat- 1981 S2 9.2 Center cockpit sailboat with 1985 Yanmar inboard motor. Took her out for a sail and the "idiot light" came on saying the engine was overheating. Looked at engine and salt water intake hose had come loose from the engine. We reconnected. Let it cool down and restarted. She ran- for a while- and then it happened again. We reconnected the hose, let it cool down and ran it again. Nothing happened for a bit. And the next day, we tried to sail her again and the warning light came on again. We checked the engine and the hose was still attached. This happens everytime we start her up now. Any idea what is going on? Thanks so much!

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