1985 mercury xr2blackmax 150

by Reggie bright
(Bennettsville sc)

Cant seem to get it to take gas. Boat cranks and idles ok for about 5 minutes and shuts off. If I try to give it full gas at take off it does. First issue i saw was when I would prime the bubble gas would flow from the right side of the top carburetor. I fixed that or seem to have it fixed. It isnt pouring gas when priming anymore. Still the same results. So I removed the fuel pump and cleaned it. The strainers or filters were gunked up. Took it out same results. I pulled the hose from the tank to make sure it wasn't clogged same results. One issue I haven't tried or tackled yet is that I have an alarm that comes and goes...but with out the boat cranked the alarm comes on if I simply turn the key and push it in and if I were going to choke it...without actually starting it. Someone please help. It's a good boat and ran great for bout a week after purchasing it and having it serviced and by the way the carbs were rebuilt and new water pump installed and the fuel tank was cleaned and serviced...so the mechanic said. Just an army veteran trying to enjoy our local lake with the family. Any help is very appreciated.

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