1984 Johnson 150 model number 150TXCOS

by David Jolly
(Holland Michigan)

1984 Johnson 150

1984 Johnson 150

I have a pair of john 150's on my Grady White. Been enjoying the summer and all of a sudden when motoring in the starboard motor bogged. I backed off and hrottled back up. An alarm chirped and it bogged. I backed off and powered back up. It chirped again. Made it to boat launch, went home and checked engine over. Neither motors prime bulb would get hard. I went to marine stor and baught new fuel lines and primers. Replaced both lines from water separator filter. It had a new water separator filter from beginning of summer so didn't replace. Connected new lines and bulbs. They didn't get as hard as usual but test fired motors and they keyed up fine.

I dropped bought in water this morning and made a 8 mile run at speed. No issues. Dropped lines and trolled at 2.3-2,5 mph for about two hours on starboard motor. Out of no where the engine stopped. It keyed back up but it had more smoke than usual. It cleared up and put in gear and began trolling again. 10 minutes and it stalled again. Tried starting motor again and it spit and sputtered. Done fishing for the day. Tried to start other motor and it fired up and then quit. Now a drift... tried to prime bulbs again. Neither motor would fire after countless tries. I flagged another boat and they towed me in.

I got home and bought twelve new plugs. I replaced them. There was black oil leaking behind prop close to lower unit. The bulbs will not get stiff and engines will not fire. Also, yes I had a full 55 gallon tank before leaving port so it isn't a lack of fuel available.

Before I take it in to marine mechanic, I would appreciate any suggestions or experiences you have hD to help me out. The boat has run flawlessly until this week. I am so stumped.

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Mar 30, 2021
clean carb(s)
by: Larry C

seems as if carb is flooding. Look in the throats. If you see raw fuel take the carb off clean it with carb choke /spray cleaner blow it out ( be careful not to loose any parts. Put it together put back on boat. I have done this to my ocean runners from time to time. I have never replaced gaskets and or carb kits. Always works well for me

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