1983 Mercury Black Max 150

My Oildyne replacement trim pump did not come with a manual release screw on the front of the pump. The original pump I took off had one. I reused the original electric motor because it is in great shape and only replaced the pump section. The new replacement pump is not threaded where the manual release screwed into it. I assembled the motor to the pump and filled with oil. My motor moves up and down with no problem. My problem is the new pump drips oil out of the "unthreaded" hole where the old pump had the manual release screw. What needs to be done to fix this? I looked into this unthreaded hole with a flashlight. Is that a spring loaded ball I see in there? Can this hole be threaded for my other pump release screw to be used? If not, what do I do to stop the oil from dripping out of that unthreaded hole? I have the trim pump with the round metal oil reservoir canister.Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Glen. Moody Tx. My email address is chadwickglen1961@gmail.com

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