1980 OMC 120 Ran fine the first day, but low on gas and it died after fulling it up

by Laura
(Newport, OR)

1980 OMC 120 with a 400 outdrive. Writing this for my husband, but fill like I have had quite the education myself. New boat to us. Replaced part after part and a boat that had been sitting for 5 years. Felt good about it, ran great at home and decided to take it out. In a bay and crabbing on day one. 4 hours. Ran great. Day 2, ran great for 20 mins, acted like it was running out of gas. Got gas. No help. Ran crappy for 10 min and died and will not start again. Bypassed the tank with a dummy line to the fuel pump still have problems. We rebuilt the carb, still not starting. Can see gas shooting into the carb. When the spark plugs are pulled, the back plug is being flooded with gas. ANYONE with ANY ideas?

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