1975 johnson 9.9 won't run without choke halfway out

by Murray Cameron
(Fairhope , alabama . USA)

75 johnson 9.9 won't start or run without the choke halfway out. Once running it will stay running if It's full throttle , but once you let off it will die. I've replaced the fuel pump, carb kit and plugs . Checked spark ( have plenty) checked compression have over 90 psi both cylinders. It even pees pretty good but I will soon be getting a water pump. Tanks clean new gas and new gas lines. I set the rich and lean all the way in then backed it out 1.5 turns. Over all it's a really clean motor no bare wires no damage . I also made sure the points were .020 ? Im sure it's probable the carb or something but it should be spotless . I even pulled the welsh plugs and cleaned thoroughly . Any help would be appreciated.

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