1975 Apollo 17' closed bow I/O Volvo Penta 4 cup

by Bryce
(Littleton, Colorado, United States )

Hello! So thankful I found this web sight. I am actually in the process of buying a boat (as cheap as possible) with my 4 friends. We love to fish and thats the reason we want a boat.

My friends and I found a 1975 Apollo 17' closed bow with a Volvo Penta 4 Cup engine on CraigsList for $500.

The engine has not been started for over 5 years. Will that be a huge problem? And if we had to replace it, how much would another engine cost (the cheapest option).

And also, do you have any advice for buying a boat, especially to four college students trying to find a cheap motor boat to go out on and fish? We are willing to spend $2,500 altogether by the way.

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