1973 Johnson 65hp Model 65els73r

by Dave-O
(Chattanooga, Tn)

The Motor is difficult to start, I can pull up the warm up lever and choke it, eventually it starts... I can shift it in gear, it runs but doesn't open up completely however, I go back to neutral and it dies. We have replaced the coils, stator, spark plugs, rectifier, fuel lines, fuel pump, changed over to 2 new gas tanks, added a glass gas filter(so we could see any water droplets in the gas), cleaned the carbs and nothing has changed.

It is still difficult to start and dies in idle. We bought the boat last summer, cleaned the carbs and ran it until winter. Used it a couple of times this spring, it started the 'not opening up'.(Yes, we had to do the troll of shame lol) So, we cleaned the carbs again this year and problem with cranking started. Any help would be appreciated, we don't know where to go from here...Thanks so much for your time.

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