1971 Johnson 125esl71

by Darren
(Toronto Ontario canada)

Motor keeps abruptly cutting out after 5-6 min. When it last happened, I discovered and fixed a leak in the fuel line at the fuel pump, and cleaned and sanded all 4 plugs which were a bit fouled from running at idle speeds in no wake zone.

Engine fired right up and ran better than before with full power. However after 5 min it abruptly died again and wouldn’t start for 20 min or so. Then same thing happens.

I also noticed that one of the 2 wires that go to heat sensor is exposed and frayed. I taped it up but didn’t seem to help.

My question is can I remove heat sensor wires completely? I don’t need them and think they might be causing electric shutdown. I also have clipper circuit still attached which ties into one of the heat sensor wires.

I have heard that clipper circuit should be removed anyway so am wondering how to wire to maintain complete circuit to pulse pack if removed?

Or if it’s something else I would appreciate any feedback from someone familiar with these motors.

Motor ran great all summer until final hour of final day of vacation, so I guess I’m thankful for that!

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