1969 Johnson 55hp outboard

by Rich
(Lakewood Ohio )

Just replaced starter solenoid and took the boat out to make sure all was well. Engine ran fine for about a 2 hours. I had the kids with me and they wanted me to go pretty slow so we never got on plane for the duration. Rpms stayed at a steady 1500-1800. On our way back to the marina while still at the same RPMs of 1500-1800 it stalled out. Tried to start it back up and had no response. I had the other engine running to limp back in so i couldn’t tell if it was clicking at the solenoid but it definitely was not cranking. After about 20 minutes when we were about to dock I tried to turn it over and sure enough the engine fired up just fine. Any thoughts on why it stalled and wouldn’t immediately crank to start but then started up after about 20 minutes?

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