175HP Evinrude Direct Injection 2002

by Clinton
(Cairns, QLD, Australia)

Hi first time here, just seeing if I could pick up some advise on my 2002 175HP Evinrude Direct Injection, firstly I have come to learn that these engines are not the best and service parts are hard to get. Anyway so whats going on is that the engine is running great, but when I turn the engine off and if I would like to start it immediately it will not allow me, I can wait a few minutes and off it goes again. I know its inevitable that I will buy a new engine one day but just wondering if I am missing something simple that someone has come across before buying a new engine, I think if it is diagnosed 100% in the ECU I would not bother continuing with getting parts. The strange thing to me it still runs so great, just has starting issues.

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