150 Yamaha 6kox509837. L150TXRB. 1998

by Chet
(Norco ,Louisiana)

Last year thought it was water pump. Ended up with new lower unit so new pump. Changed heads , thermostats and covers with new gaskets. Ran bout 1hr. Ran thru low tide to pickup at launch. Motor overheats Had a leak on power head gasket. Changed it. Start up not pissing any water Gets hot. Pulled lower unit. Hose in water tube. Comes out pisser Pulled thermostats. Put hose in water tube. Water comes out pisser. Put finger over pisser block fills up an water comes out thermostat holes. Water pump not blocked seems to be pumping fine.
Man I am at a loss here of where to go next. Could it just be rubber seal on top of water tube. When I pulled powerhead. It was clogged in some holes. Cleaned everything. Please tell me what I’m missing Thanks

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