140 Mercruiser dies when tilt down in lake

by Anthony
(Ft worth, tx)

So I bought my first boat and well after cleaning the carb well and adjusting the idle I got the boat to run great while on muffs. I took it out the other day to test it in the lake and the launch went well. Drive it to the dock slowly to pick my brother up and all was good. As soon as I was out of the marina I lowered the trim down to level the boat out. As soon as I did the motor bogged down and died. I had extreme difficulty getting it to start back up and well after numerous times the starter starter started acting up. I believe the guy who sold it to me might have shimmed it well I had to paddle it back to the ramp. The starter I can figure out easily, as in mechanically inclined, but new to the marine world. Does anyone have any inside as to why the motor ran fine on muffs but then just completely died once I lowered the trim?

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