135 mercruiser motor is louder than most

we have a 18ft 2001 Maxum boat with a 135 3.0 Mercruiser motor,,,,the design of the boat is seat attached to the driver and passenger seats than in the back there is a hump with 2 seats on each side . The 2 seats just have padding on the top half and than on the bottom behind those 2 seat there is just a flap. We live at a private lake and that is all the bigger motor we can have so everyone has this motor either Mercruiser or Volvo. All the other boats seem a lot quieter than ours....most of them do have swivel seats tho with bench seats with sun deck which we think puts the motor back further and also there is padded seats all the way down. My husband thinks ours is noisy because there is not patted all the way down.....Today there was a 2000 Maxum on craiglist for sale with the same design as ours so I contacted them to see if their boat is noisy like ours.....they said no that is was pretty quiet....now I am confused..I hate our boat because you can not troll and talk it is so loud...we have had it for 4 years and it starts and have never had any problems with it it just seems louder than most...do you think it is the design of the boat or is there a different as far as quiet to loud in the same motor....Please help...I want to trade it off and I am not getting anywhere with my husband as our lake is small and we don't use it much so he thinks investing in another boat is CRAZY....Please help!

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