115hp Mariner just wont go!!

by Tony Perkins
(Orleans MI)

Have a 1995 Skeeter fish and ski with a 115hp Mariner. Sat for 2 years after I sold it to a neighbor. He put a new choke/Idle cable on the boat as well as a new throttle cable but only ran it once. he said it would not plane off for him. I bought it back. (two years later) siphoned out the old gas and cleaned out the gas line from the tank to the motor. Added new gas treated with some amazing clean out your lines, carbs, bla bla bla stuff. When I started it the motor Idled VERY high!! Adjusting the idol helped, but I ended up adjusting the cable and finally got it to run and idle nicely. took the cover off the carbs and sprayed some carb cleaner in the 4 openings to hopefully clean them out a bit too. Put it in the water and it fired up nicely. My boat went 52mph when I had it in its hay day. I babied it for a few minute and then throttled up. It never went over 5 or 6 mph. Engine ran fine. No hesitation. Just didn't ever go. Not even close to starting to plane off. I'm a bit stumped. Checked and cleaned the plugs, which were new two years ago and the guy only ran it once. Did he install the throttle cable wrong? if so, How and where do I adjust that? At the shift box or back at the engine? Is it in the fuel line or fuel filter? (if i have one?) if there was fuel in the motor after he ran it and let it sit, did it do damage to something or clog something? Full throttle is not 5mph in this boat. I miss 52mph. Any suggestions??

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