09 Yamaha 175 2 stroke outboard

by Jerry
(Emory tx..)

When I try to get on plain and right about 3k rpm it's like you shut the key off. If I try to do it real slow then at that rpm it starts to on an off on an off and when you go past that it dies. I did get up up on plain once and it ran just fine and it starts right up and Idles fine so it can't be fuel problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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Jan 07, 2021

by: John

It can still be fuel related, in idle may be okay but as soon as load increases so does fuel demand. Common causes are old and stale fuel, use fresh premium grade fuels and ensure the two stroke mix ration is correct. Fuel filters also a possibility and worth checking, as sometimes they havent been changed for years and you get sediment and dirt from fuel tanks. Also loosen the fuel tank cap and see how it goes and if it runs okay then you know its the venting on the cap and requires a new cap. Also check the fuel line for cracks and so on and ensure the fuel connections are tight so no air being sucked in. Also do a plug check, but also check that leads and caps are in good condition and not tracking under load.

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