05 Yamaha FI 4 cyl

by Rick
(Baja Mexico)

Hello, I have a yamaha problem but I thought you may be able to help or send me to someone who can. i have a 05 yamaha 150 fi 4cyl that started to run rough only when put in to gear at a slow troll, warm or cold but otherwise ran fine. but after a few hours of normal running it started missing under a load also. I thought the problem may be fuel related to I changed the seperator, checked the filter on the engine, it looked goog and blow through was good. I pulled the injectors and sprayed brake clean in the screens but only slight black debris came out, not much. the plugs looked good but with slight crbon build up around the bottom of the threads. I am just not seeing anything that would make it run poorly? To top it off I am in Mexico with limited tools. Thanks Rick

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