04 yamaha 250 HPDI

by joseph
(Estero Florida)

Boat will run perfect all day then coming back it will be running on plane (4400-4600 rpms) then all of a sudden it goes to 3100- 3500) and wont stay on plane. I've brought it to certified mechanic 6 times. Engine only has 300 hrs. What was replaced
- Oil injector/ pump rebuilt. This was done twice because the first time there was a problem and too much oil was being used. This fouled the plugs and the prop/ exhaust was filthy.
- twisted fuel line (I did not believe this)
- exciter coils
- even changed prop size

This last time while I could not get on plane, I had a friend pump my fuel ball. I put boat in neutral and it got on plane for about 1-2 mins. So.... I'm thinking my problem may be fuel related.

Any input form others would be appreciated!

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