03 johnson 115 wont stay running@ idle

by mike

just to start this boat is a 03 vip bay stealth with a 03 Johnson 115 2 stroke.it sat for approx 3 years when i acquired it.got the bad gas out got it running good took it to the lake and it lost spark had to replace the power pack running again.was back at lake again and all was well but then started acting like starving for fuel.(wont idle,hard to startand would only run on earmuffs but not under water).i replaced fuel lines,primer bulb,spark plugs and did the link and sync tested the ignition components and all tested good compression is 145 on all four cylinders.the primer ball pumps up and stays hard it will start with the choke/primer activated but once it stops it dies even if i try to pump the primer ball.if i push choke it will stay running as long as i push choke every few seconds.now to the question does this sound like a fuel pump issue thats the only fuel component that hasnt been fixed or replaced?

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