Used Boat Trailers Inspections

Used Boat Trailers Checklist

Like used vehicles you need to carefully check out any used boat trailers carefully. Here are some main checkpoints, and make sure that trailer is hooked up to a vehicle for all of these functional checks, don’t just look at a static boat-trailer and kick the tires, this could prove expensive

1. Is it registered and how long is left. If it isn’t registered take very careful attention to the following points as you will have to pass inspections.

2. Does the boat you are going to carry on it suit the size and roller arrangements, if not it could mean expensive modifications

3. Check the frame carefully for corrosion, and if its been recently been repainted to cover anything used a small magnet to check the frame and also a small pointed screwdriver

4. Wheel bearings are a common failure point, and jacking up one side and spinning the wheel and listening for noise or seizing is a good move. If one is suspect then all are suspect

Used Boat Trailers Inspections

5. Check the brakes, do they function.

6. Check the tires, are they in good condition or is there substantial tread wear? Also make sure they are not recaps as many commonly use. Don’t forget to check the spare is in good condition.

7. Check the electrical wiring and connectors condition, opening a light fitting and looking at wire ends will show you how good it is. Check the wire ends and if its not clean copper but is a blackened and crumbly condition this indicates that wiring is failing and trailer requires rewiring

8. Check function of all electrical lighting on your used-boat-trailer

9. If there is a manual or electric winch check the operation of it, run out a full trailer length of cable and reel it in

10. Check the tow ball fitting and safety chain are in good condition. Check inside the ball, as often they can be worn or corroded if no lubrication has ever been used on your boat-trailer

So how a good deal is this on used boat trailers then?