Yamaha F150 4-stroke 2005 model

by Mark
(Houston, Texas, USA)

I have 200 hrs on this outboard. It was running fine for about 1.5 hours that with a new optima battery. On the water I turned off the engine for a few minutes and it would not turn over. The battery was dead with volt meter reading around 8 volts. I tried to boost with a lithium ion battery booster and it would not turn over - too dead. I then put in a new battery, the bilge pump immediately came on and engine started and the volt meter read 14 volts. The engine ran fine for about 30 minutes. The volt meter read ~14 volts when I started up with the new battery. I didn't pay attention to the volt meter after that and the engine stopped running after about 30 minutes and died the volt meter again read 8 volts.

Any ideas what could have drained the battery so fast to the point that the engine stopped running on its own?

Thank you very much!


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