Yamaha F150 2009 Outboard

by John
(Galveston, Texas)

Hello. I bought this engine and 21' Key West boat new in 2009 and have used it regularly until 2017 when our boating frequency went down. It has maybe 250 hours. A couple of years ago I took it out for a run and after 20 minutes at 3/4 throttle, the engine almost stopped, RPM was down, intermittent running, like it was starved for gas. Made it back to the dock. Replaced fuel filter. Tried again, same result after 20-25 minutes. Tried replacing the injectors, twice, with the same result - running it for 20-30 minutes always results in stalling and erratic running. I have reached the limits of my mechanical abilities with the fuel filter and injectors. The boat is in Galveston and absent a brilliant idea here that I can execute on, really need a referral for a solid, fair mechanic in the area.

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