Yamaha 90hp Outboard engine, 2015

by Federico Molina
(Miramar, FL)

I recently bought a 2016 RobaloR160 with a 90hp engine and it was working perfectly I even just did the 100hour service on it. The engine is a Yamaha 90hp 2015, with less than 60 hours. All the sudden my trim motor no longer works. When I try to raise it or lower it's all a matter of luck it sometimes works sometimes doesn't, mostly doesn't. I know it's an electrical issue cause the trim motor doesn't even activate or work assuming the power never reaches it but works just fine sometimes when the power does make a full coneection. I hear a connection shock everytime I press the trim button like a loud click. I asuume that's the relay cahrging up but I think it might be broken I'm just not sure how to properly test it and I also read up the trim motor has two relays. I could only find the main one on the back side facing the inside of the boat. Any suggestion on what it may be? or how I can properly test my relay?

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