Yamaha 4Stroke 150 2005

by Eric Adkins

When I just put it into gear the motor will rev up and down. It will run smoothly once I apply throttle just a small amount. I used it for trolling, and have done so every year since I bought it new. without this problem every happening before. I took it into the mechanic a couple of weeks ago, to have new plugs and fuel filter. Every since then, when I just put it into gear the speed is faster and the reving up and down is very annoying. As I said, to stop that I push down on the throttle a very small amount to stop the up and down but it increases the speed dramatically. It seems like there is no in between.

For example ...
Just in gear the speed is .8 to 1.2 mph. With very small amount of throttle applied it jumps to 2.3 to 2.5 mph.
Before my service work, I could slightly apply throttle and get the speed to hover around 1.4 to 1.6 mph.
Is there anything I can adjust to fix this?
Many thanks

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