Yamaha, 40 HP, 1994

by Bryan
(Marion, SC, USA)

My Motor Cranks And Runs Great. I Can Hook The Water Hose with Elephant Ears up to it and it will go in Forward and Reverse Fine and Rev Up In Both As It Should. But When I Put The Boat In The River, It Will Only Rev Up. It Will Not Move Forward or In Reverse. I also Believe if I’m Not Mistaken That You Can Spin The Prop With Your Hands While It’s In Gear (Motor Cut Off Of Course). I hit a log under water last summer and it knocked it out of gear and I forced it in forward but the boat would not do anything at that point but Rev up. I also stripped the gear in the shifter box (side Mounted) so I ordered a new one thinking that was the problem but it didn’t fix it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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