Yamaha 2-Stroke Series 115TLRV 1997

by Craig S
(Clearwater, FL)

I am interested in buying a used boat and this is the motor.

Allegedly it has a total of 92 hours with 82 of those hours in the past 3 years. Before that it sat almost unused in a garage of the original purchaser.
When the current owner got it 3 years ago he claims to have taken it to a Yamaha dealer and replaced all the rubber items, fluids, water pump, etc. States since that time all fresh water use except one salt water excursion. Also he had whole boat completely rewired.
It is a clean machine with no visible corrosion under motor cover or where motor mounts to transom. Claims only runs No-E fuel.
My questions is, Are there any inherent issues with this year/model?
I am going to see it with cash in pocket.

Craig S
Clearwater FL

sorry I'm an old guy with to tech skills and don't know how to upload a pics the owner sent me

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