Yamaha 150xa 2013

by Tim Rooney
(Oceanview NJ)

Yamaha 150xa 201

Yamaha 150xa 201

I was out trolling for 5 or 6 hours and on my way in the engine stuttered a couple time then bogged down but not completely. I tried to slowly get to the ramp where my truck was and it made a loud pop and dead in the water. Pulled the engine cover and one of the plastic gears on top was shattered and the other one cracked. Belt was still in good shape along with the fly wheel. When I got the boat home checked the oil and it was fine. Tapped the key and the fly wheel moved. Before I go and replace the gears what happened and is there a more serious issue. I didn’t get any alarms before it happened. Water was coming out of the pee hole the entire time. Hep

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