Yamaha 130hp 2-strk year 2000

by Rick
(South Florida)

---Yamaha 130hp 2-strk year 2000---

After cruising at about 20mph for 15 or 20 minutes I slowed for a minute or two, then hit the throttle again. It bogged and I backed off, thinking I had trash or something on my prop. After looking to see that nothing was there, I tried again, still sounded weird to me so I backed off and cruised at idle while I sorted out my thoughts. I finally decided to push it further in spite of the unusual noise and was surprised that the RPM bogged for only a short time before surging to full, normal-sounding power. i was able to get back to speed and cruise safely home. I don''t know how the prop hub could be the problem since it seems to me like that either works or it doesn't. Any ideas out there?

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