Volvo Penta 28hp raw water cooled engine not firing.

by Nick
(Ipswich, Suffolk )

Hi there, new to forum and first post! Have a Volvo penta 28hp (2093) inboard engine on my boat. It’s been dry docked for 12 months and was lifted back in the water at the weekend, fired up first time which was a pleasant surprise....but on the way to marina, engine stalled and was towed back to dock. Since then the engine is not firing up, it’s turning over (with rare exception of sticky starter motor!).

I’ve done basic checks....Fuel filter and supply line fine, electrical connections look ok, water cooling system all working etc.

Before I go off doing anything significant, is there anyone with any similar experiences or a quick check list to check out to help identify the issue.

Any help or suggestions , would be greatly appreciated.


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