Vetus Hydraulic Windlass

by Tom Marthaller
(Sitka Alaska)

I picked up a new Vetus Hydraulic Anchor windlass from eBay. It didn't come with any instructions but I have installed a hydraulic pot hauler on my 1976 Uniflite Sportfisher, so I have some experience.

The first problem was locating some fittings that would convert the Dutch Metric connectors to SAE fittings. A couple of days searching the web and I had located a company that supplies them.

The next issue is just one of finding a good answer. I'm going to put in a electrically operated valve for dropping and retrieving the anchor. The question is what type of control?

All of the controls have center spools but the selection gets difficult after that. Which one should I use for an anchor windlass motor? The choices are Tandem, Floating, Closed and Open.

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