throttle box

by toby

unenployed and bought a boat 1989 astro 89 merc 50 hp from 2 states away cant afford to take it any where to fix when i put the shifter in forward my boat goes backwards when i put in reverse it goes forward because of this i cant get enough speed to plane out the nmotor runs real good its a16 foot fishing boat i could really use some info. on what might be causing this i took the control box apart swithed the two cables around tried that now the control box is stuck in forward cant seem to get it back to nuetral i havent tried to run it this way cause i am afraid something is not right and i cant aford to buy anything for it for awhile.but sure could use a little info on what might be causing this problem or how to fix it. i know in i can put cables back to where they were and can take the box apart to get back to neutral but that wont help with it going wrong direction according to control boxshifter box forward should be forward and backwards should be backwards looked at other boats and they all go forward when you push forward and thats where it shows F forward neutral in middle reverse pull back. anyway would really could use some info.dont have a way to upload any pic sorry.

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