Suzuki DF90 2012

by Dennis Lane
(Grand Island NE, USA)

Last year I purchased a 1989 Lund 165 Tyee with a 2012 Suzuki DF90, 4 stroke with electronic fuel injection. I was very impressed with the power coming out of the hole, the speed, 42 mph trimmed down, how smooth it idled. However the boat steering pulled very hard to the right. After a couple times to the lake I decided to address the problem which I figured meant adjusting the torque trim tab, and then found it was completely broke off. I purchased a Suzuki replacement for this motor and installed it at the same angle the old one was. Next trip to the lake it seemed like the motor had a jerky idle at low speed, 3-4 mph, when I opened it up the power was gone and it took a long time to come to plane, top speed was now 34 mph trimmed down and only 36 when trimmed up. The pulling to the right was gone and I could let go of the steering wheel and it would track perfectly staight. would a trim tab cause that much power lose?

Thanks for any feedback

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