Suzuki DF90 ,2004/5 serial number 09001F-510442

by Dave W.

Flushing motor with ears at home.

After aprox 5 minutes water starts to get mixed with the sump oil.
Have had cylinder head off pressure tested and re surfaced.
Then seperated engine block from engine mount, some pretty bad corrosion internally mainly on internal section that does not have the water cooling around the internal exhaust,cleaned up complet inside of exhaust passage as deep as i can,looks ok inside now except for the dreaded steel plug, but thats another story.
Tried to remove the engine holder to look at oil tank assembly but i am having trouble removing the plug on top of the shift shaft,is there a trick to removing this plug or is it just seized.
any advise would be appreciated,where should I go from here.
Thanks Dave W.

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