Suzuki DF25A 2017

by Robert

While running my basically new 2017 25hp Suzuki I hear a sound like cavitation, then a loss of power. Felt like I had dropped one of the three cylinders. Continued to run at lowered speed and then felt more loss of power, like I was now on only one cylinder. Idled back to the dock and did not think we would make it.

Fuel was all new non-ethanol, only one month old, engine had brand new spark plugs and a new impeller, all of the work done by my local Dealer.

I was thinking fuel, but also overheating. I did not get an overheating alarm and the water stream looked fine. Really confused by this one. The Dealer has it now and I am hoping for a Warranty resolution. I told him I do not trust the motor and may want to trade it for a new one.

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