Suzuki DF2.5 hp 2018 - Cold start 16-18 pulls

by Scott

I purchased my Suzuki DF2.5 hp in 2018. I always use non-ethanol fuel. Always fresh fuel. Always run fuel out of carb. Always drain bowl. I keep the boat and motor in the garage and trailer to the lake once per month. When leaving the ramp, that cold start takes 16-18 pulls. Subsequent starts that day only need 2 pulls. The motor starts great and runs great; just that cold start after draining carb bowl. It has been this way from the beginning. When I took it out of the box, I was afraid it would not start because it took so many pulls. I put it in the shop. They said use more throttle. That's fine on a re-start, but cold start problem is still a problem. Other Suzuki owners have a quick start right out of the box. I've owned many outboards, but something is wrong with 16-18 pulls for a cold start.

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