suzuki df115 2008

by Ron
(Shallotte NC USA)

2008 Suzuki 115 hp

Starts up fine, either under a load or in neutral when you get to 3000 rpm it runs very rough with no power.

Changed out water/separator and inline fuel filter. Old filters showed no signs debris our bad fuel. Always used ethanol free fuel and fuel additives (Sta-bil/Startron)
Check plugs.
Checked fuel lines.

The other day while going out for the first 1/2 mile could not get it over 3000rpm and no power (shaking and running rough). Then it ran perfect. Shut it down a number of times that day and started it back up .....ran perfect.(ran 45 min at 4800 rpm 33mph trying to outrun a storm again perfect)
The very next day out same problem.

Could it be a coil?
Could it be high pressure fuel pump?

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