Ran out of gas now won't start

I was cruising around as a second day owner of a 2005 sea ray with 5.0 mph mercruiser I/O and ran out of gas lucking drifted into the boat launch. The mechanical gauge stated I had 1/4 tank but later found out digital gauge registered empty on gas. I refilled tank with gas and now engine will not start. Do I need to replace fuel filter and fill it with gas prior to trying to restart and if this doesn't work what can a do next to troubleshoot?

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Jul 20, 2016
no fuel
by: Gerry

Hi, further to suggestions that others have made.
If it won't start after priming then it would be best to check/clean or replace fuel filter.
If it is possible to drain tank then do that and flush out with some clean fuel.
The carb may be blocked also, so strip and clean.
Even if you manage to get it started it would be best to do the above, if there is debris in the fuel system get it out or it could fail at a bad time.

Oct 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

you will probably need to manually prime the system

Sep 30, 2014
by: Don

Go buy a can of starting fluid at the auto parts store ,spray little in the carb ,about 2 squirts and give it a little gas and turn the key.

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