prop issue

by lance

i have a 17ft polar deep v hull center console with a 1998 90hp force i bought the boat about 2 months ago and it would get up on plane fairly well and had decent top end speed well last time i had it out i hit some rocks and damaged my aluminum prop and i could not find the and numbers on it so i took it to a prop shop and they found the size on it and sold me another aluminum prop of the same diameter and pitch so i installed it and now it as a very hard time getting up on plane and top end speed is gone as well the prop they sold me was a michigan 12 3/4" 21 pitch i google searched the numbers on my stock prop and it come up with the same diameter and pitch is it possible being its a diffrent brand could be causing the issue i dont have tach in boat yet i just ordered one and hope to have installed in a couple days so any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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