My 5 hp mercury

by nate
(new port richey fl)

Someone Gave me this motor after they learned mine had been stolen.the first thing I did was clean the carb then gave ita test start. started up like a champ. Went to river had trouble starting motor, but eventually it did. After about 5 minutes of running I idled it down just to see what I was working with. At that point the motor died and would not start again. After much aggravation and tearing the carb apart a million times I learned it was the fuel pump diaphragm. I replaced those yesterday.wouldn't you know the motor fired up!.ok I ran it for about ten minutes in a bucket of water, once I shut it off again it wouldn't start, I gave up.this morning I went out tinkered with it a Lil more motor started hard.ran good,shut it off and. Now guess what?u got it won't start again! Please help

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