Mercury xr4 1987

by William

1987 xr4 Magnum ll. OB304074

Just had the entire trim assembly replaced with a newer style assembly.
It’s much faster than the old one and when I bump the trim button the motor rattles at the lower swivel assembly.
It doesn’t appear to be between the swivel pin and the yoke.
It appears there’s no bushing between the swivel pin and the swivel bracket.
I know the motor had to come loose for the trim assembly replacement but is there any reason this section was disassembled where they forgot to replace the bushing?
Or is it more likely I’m just noticing due to the faster more abrupt up and down movement of the trim.
There is a gap between the swivel assembly and the yoke about 3/16” and the wobble seems to be minimal maybe 1/16”.
I’m sure the mechanic noticed the noise but didn’t say anything.
Is this normal movement if there’s a bushing in there or is it likely it’s gone or wore out?

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